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my_PHP depression

Today i’ve been working with my future project for the school year 2013-2014.I’m a little bit depressed and frustrated because,even I love doing this project I can’t deny the fact that, I have difficulty in doing this project.I am determined to finish this project but I’m afraid to lose the hope.Well I’m using the php language and i got difficulty on changing the avatar of a profile page..More frustrating thing is that I’m not the one who made this “changing the avatar code”,it’s from my teacher,I didn’t have the effort in doing such code and still I can’t get the idea on it.I can’t understand how the picture being change.I’m doing my best to practice but it seems so difficult,my headaches so much.

By the way I’m doing an alumni website is something like an organizational website…by the way,this is changing avatar page,this is the profile page,I know it’s disgusting but still,not done yet.. 😦 Image


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