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Send Data from Arduino to ASP.NET C# Web Application


A few days ago I wrote a post entitled ‘Control Arduino from ASP.NET C# Web Application Interface‘. Obviously its a topic of interest with folks on the internet, because it has quickly recieved more views than any of my previous posts.

In response to the popularity of that post (and because I am such a nice guy), I have decided to write this follow up post, showing you how to do the exact oposite.

By adding a few lines of code to my previous example, I can not only send commands to my Arduino, but I can get responses from it directly to my web application. Calabunga, dude!

This project doesnt require any hardware changes to the setup in the origional post. In case you need to see that again, dont worry, I got ya covered.


Next, we need to add a few lines of code telling our…

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