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[PHP] Custom Text Dynamic Forum Signature Script [v1]

Just remembered my school activities before..on this work.. 🙂 so great!! 🙂 esp. with Php I can really relate..but I first tried doing this kind of dynamic application on asp.. but great dynamic forum!! 🙂

Marc Hershey

I greatly apologize for the extreme delay! I had a family emergency to deal with, but I finally came home after I (literally right after I posted my last post) jumped up and had to deal with something. But Here it is! My Custom Text Dynamic Forum Signature Script! Now keep in mind, this is the first version, and not a lot of testing! 😛 So if you see a bit of errors (created in ~15mins), please comment them below!

Alright, so I’m not going to do much explaining in this, but keep it more of a “release” post. I’ll post some “update” posts later in the future, but for now, I will let you guys play around with it while I stir up some new updates for it. By about update #3, I’l probably going to go find another project because this one is so simple. If you have any…

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