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My first Post

Hai There!! 🙂 ..

I just heard a suggestion from my sister.She said that it is nice to have blog and why I couldn’t engage on blogging.She also told me that ,for me to enjoy blogging I should make sure that I would be posting my interest.

My Sister was right! I should engage blogging!!because I could develop my writing skills,besides I could also develop my interest.I could be meeting different kinds of people and most probably ,people who have the same interest with mine.Basically I would be posting about an information technology’s student’s Life.This is my interest,I could find Satisfaction on it.I am expecting that there would be challenges before having many viewers on this blog but I believe that I can do it if I am willing!! I will stand on this quote from Vanessa created the girl develop I.T “You don’t need to be Genius to be a programmer ,You just need to be determined”.Blogging is also like That,comparison on being genius to being popular takes place.I don’t need to be popular in order to have millions of viewer’s I just need to be determined and popularity on this blog will follow. By the way I posted my picture.Just a background about the author.^_^ .. By the was I am Nathalie Joy Galia The author…Feel free to view my posts



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