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I  have come across a project in which i have to create database and its associated user dynamically.

Let us store our cpanel settings in variable

$box_num = 000;
$cPanel_user = ‘XXXXXXX’ ;  // cpanel username
$cPanel_pass = urlencode(‘YYYYYYYY’); // cpanel password

//Database to create

$userDb = ‘test’;
$db = $cPanel_user.’_’. $userDb; //  e.g XXXXXXX_test

$db_user = $cPanel_user.’_myuser’;  // username to be created
$db_pass = ‘mypass’;  // password to be created

//Permission must stay in uppercase. This will give the user full permissions. Remove the ones that you don’t want.


Now let us define the host path, replace domain name with your domain name

$host = ‘http://’ . $cPanel_user . ‘:’ …

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